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About Us

At the AGM on 28th June 2022 the following Officer posts were elected:-


Chairman - Karen Morozova

Deputy Chairman - tba

Treasurer - Paul Durkin

Minute Secretary - Margaret Thomas

CTIPA is a Registered Charity. Its Registration Number is 1147642


Fr Philip Dyson Rev Ralph Ward  Karen Morozova

Roger Rule Major Vincent Wall Fr Keith Owen


Local churches are represented on THE FORUM which is composed of those nominated by local congregations. THE FORUM offers guidance and direction in the spirit of the Foundation Document to THE EXECUTIVE which is the formally constituted body that runs the Charity.

THE EXECUTIVE consists of elected representatives of the Foundation Churches, as defined in the Constitution, These are The Church of England, The Roman Catholic Church, The Methodist Church, The Salvation Army and The Society of Friends (Quakers)

Other local churches can be represented on The Executive by invitation and co-option from among the Forum Representatives.

People of many faiths and none work as part of CTIPA Projects. The Projects are managed by Management Groups who are responsible to The Executive but have considerable autonomy in the running of their Projects. They are responsible for the delivery of the project and for acquiring funds by application to grant making bodies etc.

CTIPA itself is runs on a budget provided by the subscription of local churches and donations from individual Christians.  This is because grants given for projects must be entirely dedicated to that work. We are grateful to those who subscribe to enable The Executive to fulfil its responsibilities and to forward its specifically Christian work such as the worship and witness we provide in the community and the schools. Donations to the Projects and to CTIPA can be made by messaging us from this site. 

Churches Together

In Penzance Area


That they all may be one, that

the world will believe that

you have sent me